Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Activities....

Before the family celebrations began, we had lots to are some highlights:

Decorating....I had a little help:

EE & MK put up the Santas while Emma hangs the stockings....

...then Emma decorates herself!

IBC - Children's Choir Performances

Both choirs (Preschool & Children) performed on December 14th. The Children's choirs performed a traditional Christmas Pageant. This is the only picture that I have of Emma, and it is actually from rehearsal because she was hit with a stomach virus and had to miss the performance! She was devastated, but isn't she a beautiful angel? Next to her are two of her very best friends, Maggie & Karmyn.

The Preschool choirs performed The Twelve Days of Christmas. Emma was suppose to be a Candy Cane, but they had to call in a replacement at the last minute. Ethan was the train conductor--and he was a GREAT train conductor! Although, you'll notice in the pictures that his train lagged a little behind. At one point, he actually became the caboose! Mary-Kaylin was a Santa. It was a great night--I always feel like the Christmas Season has begun once the children's choirs have performed. It's one of my favorite nights of the year!

Our Gingerbread House & Tree

Aren't the beautiful? Everyone joined in to make the "Santa House"--it was so much fun! The babies were knocking at the door saying, "Knock, knock, Santa. Come out you house!" Emma was very patient with them, and then got to decorate the tree all by herself while the babies napped. Then I got to clean up the mess! I was sweeping up sprinkles for days!

Mommy's Little Helpers!

I also had a little bit of wrapping help this year.....and a little "unwrapping" help as well! Actually, I think there were only two gifts that I had to wrap twice due to curious little hands.

Some other things we did to celebrate:
1. Emma - Caroling at Baptist Hospital with the church
2. Ethan - Caroling downtown with his Kindergarten Class
3. Visiting Santa at the Mall
4. Shopping for our Angel Tree kids
5. Angela & Jeff - Hosted a party for my awesome Management Team
6. Jeff - Wrapped & Wrapped & Wrapped & Wrapped
Keep going to see the rest of our Christmas......starting with Christmas Day!

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