Sunday, December 28, 2008

Basketball Stars

I still haven't gotten all of my December pictures loaded, but I did manage to get this video transferred. TaTa & PaPa got Adam & Evan a basketball goal for Christmas, so my back entrance way has now become the basketball court. Evan has quite a shot! Adam is not as interested--he likes to throw the ball, but not necessarily towards the goal. If you watch the video you'll see Evan trying to give him a few tips. As Adam throws the ball into the kitchen, Evan says, "Not that say....silly boy!". We may have a future basketball coach in the family! Thank you TaTa & PaPa for the fun gift. Now I can't wait until spring so it can go OUTSIDE!

P.S. Notice we were playing "dress-up basketball". We've been home for so long we have played with every toy in the house (including the new ones)--we even pulled out the Woody & Buzz costumes this afternoon. It is time to go back to school!!Emma has beenbeging to go back.

OOPS! Haven't been able to get video to post...still trying. It may be too big.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Catching Up......again!

Obviously I'm not that great at blogging.....I swear I'm going to do better in 2009. I know it is already past Christmas, but I wanted to start with a quick look at our November:

Early November
Jeff went in to check on the boys before we headed to bed and found them both sleeping soundly, although Adam had obviously taken some time before falling asleep to undress himself from the waist down! One of his Occupational Therapy goals right now is dressing/undressing himself, so I'm sure he was just practicing!

This is just a glimpse of our daily lives....every day one of the four come up with some equally as interesting new experiment. This day, it was sleeping naked....tomorrow will be something totally new and exciting!

Evan was sleeping soundly....fully dressed.

November 20th
Ethan's Kindergarten class celebrated Thanksgiving with a huge feast with all 4 Kindergarten classes. They even had a visit from a real live Pilgrim! I love party days at school--it always makes me so thankful that God did not chose to make me a teacher.....and even more thankful for those that He did!

This is the Turkey that Ethan's class made together. Each child got to decorate a feather. Too cute!

Ethan & the Pilgrim (Heather Dorsey - Emma Dorsey's Mom):

November 23rd
We celebrated two birthdays....Mary-Kaylin (turned 8) and PaPa (turned 64!) at Playtime Pizza. It was awesome! The kids had a blast--especially Adam & Evan who LOVED the little cars. I could barely drag them away. The big kids played laser tag & rode go-carts. The best part....I won 300 tickets playing "Deal or No Deal"! Happy Birthday Mary-Kaylin & PaPa!!

Ethan & Mary-Kaylin are best of friends. They LOVE to be together!

Thanksgiving Day
We had such a lazy, low key Thanksgiving that I didn't even take a picture! I think that TaTa did, so I'll have to get her to share with me. We had a great Thanksgiving dinner at TaTa & PaPa's house. TaTa makes the best dressing (PaPa always cooks the cornbread for her)--there is no place I'd rather be on Thanksgiving than with my family.

Day After Thanksgiving:
I have not ventured out on "Black Friday" in a while, but this year I decided to get up early and see what kind of bargains I could find. I started out at Target (it was CRAZY) and also hit Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Toys-R-Us. It has also been a long time since I've been shopping by myself so it was nice! I got a good start on my Christmas shopping, and even picked up my own Christmas present--a new camera at Best Buy!! All of my post-Thanksgiving pictures are on the new camera, which I haven't hooked up to the computer yet, so I'll have to do that before I can continue my blogging. Check back because my goal is to be completely caught up before this weekend is over!