Saturday, January 3, 2009

Blogging Marathon

By now, you have probably figured out how I operate.....get way behind.....then become completely obsessed with catching for hours on end to catch up.....vow to never get so far behind again.....then the cycle begins again. Today, I was determined to get all of our Christmas celebrations posted, so here they are! Keep goes on for days! Enjoy!

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Keith&Laura said...


Thank you so much sharing Adam's story. We are glad that God has worked miracles in your lives, especially Adam's! We truly understand some of the battles you have been through and may continue to go through. We are so thankful for the help Rebecca received at Easter Seals, the services she's receiving at Crystal Hill Elementary Magnet School (though I had to fight for some of them), and the continued involvement in UALR's pragmatics language program. There were times we had Rebecca enrolled in three different speech classes at the same time and were juggling work schedules like crazy, but we are so encouraged by the progress she's made and the positive remarks from professionals who work with her, some who were amazed by her progress.

More than anything, I am thankful that you have supportive family and friends since this is certainly something nobody can handle alone as family. Fortunately, these days we are a lot more educated about autism.